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These delicious Granola's are packed full of nuts, seeds, fruit and spices. Gluten free, fruit free & nut free varieties to choose from, these are not your ordinary Granola!


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Muesli to start your day right! These complex blends of wholesome nuts, fruits, seeds and grains are just the way to kickstart your day. Served hot or cold, your body & tastebuds will thank you.

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Make the ordinary extraordinary with these flavourful Dukkah's. Be it savoury or sweet, mild or spicy, our range of Dukkah's are sure to put your inner chef to work. What will you create?

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Spice Blends

Carefully crafted with the finest spices from around the world, these will bring a new world of exotic deliciousness to your next meal. 

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Take a healthy part of a protein ball, combine it with the  decadence of a chocolate truffle and you get our Pruffles! These amazing balls of flavour are the perfect guilt free, anytime treat!

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Wholefood Treats

Who knew a raw style slice could be so amazing! Packed with nuts, fruit, dairy free chocolate and spices, stop reading about them and put some yum in your tum!

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